Wordless Wednesday


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Wordless Wednesday


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32 in 13

So, I set some goals for 2013 as it pertains to fiber arts…

I wanna:

- finish a UFO/WIP every month (on average) or more that I had at the beginning of the year.
- knit 20 projects from my queue
- work from stash where i can
- spin more
- destash $300 or more toward a new wheel of my dreams (then when i sell my current one for around or just less than what I paid for it – it will really only be about $200 or less out of pocket :D )

I’m doing ok as far as these goals go…  I have:

- finished three UFOs
- finished three things from the queue
- errrr, not so great about knitting from stash
- i don’t think i’ve spun at all since january 1  :(
- had a destash inquiry yesterday about something that’s sat there for years.  she talked me out of the +$3 shipping in an effort to just get the destash moving, but today i added some more and need to get pics of others.

here are some additional thoughts…

- jon’s sweater that i blogged about a couple weeks ago (already?!?) is only missing sleeves and just needs a little more attention
-the pile of frogged yarn pictured last wordless wednesday has become a better size of the same sock and the yarn is making me much more happy in this iteration (the pair will have a post of its own soon!).
- i pulled out a bunch of UFO/WIPs and am excited about the status of plenty of them and can’t wait to get back to them!
- i am excited about a lot of things in my queue and i’ve decided if it’s something i buy yarn for and queue and i knit it fairly quickly, it counts as a queued item even if it wasn’t queued at the beginning of the year – same goes for things that i had yarn and book/pattern for if i knit the yarn as intended when purchased.
- i am excited about a lot of my stash, sometimes i have to start there and decide what to knit out of it…  but i’m not sure THAT counts as queued.  ;)
- i want to get the wheel out, but with an ever-increasingly mobile child (uhhh, more on that later if this is the first you’re hearing of it ’cause you only ever knew/kept up with me through this blog – not that there are many of you), this is harder and harder as i have to put the wheel entirely away when not in use.
- tomorrow or this weekend i will get shots of some more fingering weight i’m willing to part with.  is it just me or is it hard to get rid of the random ball of the really nice stuff that was left over from things you loved knitting?  i have a few spares like that and i really hesitate to post them.  :P

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