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day 2

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oodles of knitting has been done. chair massage enjoyed. lots of laughs and all the “girl talk” a girl could need. it’s like tuesday night insanknitty with more time and space. we miss those who couldn’t make it, but you can bet your sweet bippies that we’ll be doing this again. here’s some pretty pictures: [...]

so much fun!

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i have good intentions of posting more often – – i really do…  but then stuff happens and i’m doing instead of writing about doing – – and then there’s a lot to tell so i know it’s going to take longer to sit down and do it, and so the cycle goes… so – [...]

creating momentum

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i’m going to try not to start anything new until i finish at least one of the three pairs of socks i have actively been working on. the logical choice is the six sox kal victorian lace, as i’m just past the gusset decreases and into the foot of the second sock. the problem being [...]