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of false starts and fairies…

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soooo…  yeah…  this might sound familiar, but i can’t believe it’s november, already!!   gonna try that whole blog every day in november thing, again.  we’ll see how it goes. the niecelet was one of tinkerbell’s friends for halloween this year – fawn, to be exact.  my crafty momma – totally where i get that gene, [...]

treats with no tricks!

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so i show up at my brother’s, today (after two hours packed full of sister hazel and starbucks peppermint mocha), and i am showered with treats!! ok, maybe not showered, but two really great ones…  see, i was supposed to show up two weeks ago, but i was sick and a couple of folks in [...]

i wonder what it must be like…

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when your grown child calls you up to ask if she can borrow anything you still have from your army days…  for a Halloween costume. love that the fuzziness of this pic makes it almost look like the pic was from the 70s (the theme of the Halloween party i attended). more photos of some of [...]