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Here’s a fun little widget that shows all the socks I’ve completed in 2008! They start from most recent and go in order of completion back to the first pair I finished in January. I’m a little obsessed. I’m not ashamed. Lemme tell you a little more about the second one down all the way [...]

something important

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i’ll be in soon with an update of my knitting over the past couple months.  after all, this is supposed to be a knitting blog… but for now, let me point you the way of my buddy vinnie (via karen’s blog). here’s vinnie: see, vinnie came to stay with karen from the same rescue group [...]

day 2

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oodles of knitting has been done. chair massage enjoyed. lots of laughs and all the “girl talk” a girl could need. it’s like tuesday night insanknitty with more time and space. we miss those who couldn’t make it, but you can bet your sweet bippies that we’ll be doing this again. here’s some pretty pictures: [...]