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ten on tuesday

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let’s see if i can share ten thoughts that don’t have to do with knitting, shall we? 1. i’m excited that there will be a decent amount of dollars left this friday after bills get paid that i can do a little more Christmas shopping.  trying to keep the gift list at a reasonable cost [...]

rock and/or roll

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i’m making a family set of skullies for a college buddy of mine that i’ll see next month for the first time in a handfulla years.  the first one (the smallest one) is done… i think it might seriously be one of the cutest things i’ve ever knit.  i can’t stop giggling every time i [...]

drawing to a close

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as november comes to an end…  and not far behind the year 2009…  i wonder how it all goes by so quickly! on a much lesser scale, i can’t believe the holiday weekend is already over and i’m back at work, tomorrow.  can you believe tuesday is DECEMBER 1ST?!?! i got a little more holiday [...]