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we have winners! and progress!

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two more Christmas knits finito and one more started tonight… i will for sure be making myself a big lace scarf from more last minute gifts.  this one is for my sister (she picked it out, and the color, so it’s no surprise…) and i am in love with it: the other i think i’ll [...]

king of the yarn pile and the prize list!!

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finner finn got a haircut when we were off in wisconsin last weekend.  it’s a little choppy in a couple places, but it’s mostly sleek and lovely…      he loves to play vanna when i want to show off some yarn.    this is fez, from debbie bliss.  it’s 85% merino, 15% camel and it’s [...]

a contest! and ten on tuesday…

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so here ends the month of posting every weekday of november 2010… what did you like?  what do you want to see more of?  what other things should i post about? i’m gonna do a random commenter contest, so let me know what you enjoyed, where i could have gone more in depth, if you’re [...]