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ten on tuesday

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here we go, so much stuff since i dropped off for three months!! 1. i joined twitter.  i’m barely on and i don’t really get it, i don’t think, but i’m there. 2. there were some rumblings on the YC chatter board at ravelry about how many WIPs we have (works in progress for all [...]

four on friday?

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i totally meant to do a ten on tuesday this week, but it was wednesday before i knew it… so since it’s a new month, let’s try starting now…  ready?!?  GO! Four things that have happened since I last blogged… 1. jon asked me if i wanted to knit him a black sweater…    see [...]

did i ever mention…

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how kick ass it is to date a chef?!? i was off playing with yarn and talking socks at sock club over at yarn cravin’ and i come home to homemade pizza, a clean kitchen, a box o’ wine and my two favorite guys!  we nommed some delicious barbecue hawaiian pizza and watched hancock so [...]