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so much fun!

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i have good intentions of posting more often – – i really do…  but then stuff happens and i’m doing instead of writing about doing – – and then there’s a lot to tell so i know it’s going to take longer to sit down and do it, and so the cycle goes… so – [...]

weird and wacky world

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ok, so karen and liz and emmms all tagged me for the seven weird things about me meme. i’m gonna throw an extra wrench in there and tell you only one or two at a time… here’s the first: i almost always clean my plate. and i don’t mean ‘clean my plate’ like most people [...]

on schedule

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so i should be able to finish the pair of socks for dad.    if the first one was started monday night and finished last night, i have thursday – saturday to work on numero two!    here’s the first, modeled by eric. i cast on and did the ribbing top for the second, as [...]