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Yes, it’s been awhile…

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So I think it’s fair enough to say that we’ve done a miserable job blogging together.  We really had good intentions in December. My thought was my next post would be about the DyakCraft interchangeable needles that I had bought in September.  Sadly my needles seemed to be a no show, and I’ll let Sarah [...]

new tricks!

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so the Christmas stripey socks are done! here’s some more detail about afterthought heels…  for a toe up sock you knit to the point where the fabric hits the front of your ankle bone when it’s on your foot.  then on the back/sole side you knit in a row with a different sock yarn: then [...]

look travis!

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eric has socks! forgive all the rest of the stuff in the pic, he’s not all about the modeling and it was darn hot out wednesday evening, so this is the pic we get for now. what else have i been up to, you ask? well, some slittens for some manly friends who had birthdays [...]