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a bunch of finished objects…

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so i’m definitely one who keeps lots of different things on lots of different needles all at once.  i like variety…  i like choice…  when i go on vacation, i take about twice as many clothes as i need ’cause i want to pick what i’m going to wear that day, not be forced to [...]

you know you’ve been wondering…

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and i can finally let you know… yarn date = success!! hehehe ruth and i had a great time and there were none of those, i met you on the internet – you better not be a serial killer moments. i will have a couple pics to add of my stash enhancement (and a just [...]

yarn date!

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so, i’m meeting ruth up in ann arbor at this place after work, today.  yay yarn date!  that might seem like a silly thing to call it, but let me tell you that in the yarn/knitting/fiber art of choice community, a ‘stash enhancement expedition’ is sometimes referred to as s.e.x., so saying i have a [...]