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creating momentum

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i’m going to try not to start anything new until i finish at least one of the three pairs of socks i have actively been working on. the logical choice is the six sox kal victorian lace, as i’m just past the gusset decreases and into the foot of the second sock. the problem being [...]

what the world needs now…

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so karen thinks the world would be a much more warm and fuzzy place if everyone would just apply some knitted, sweater-shaped pasties/tassels… what say you??  hee hee hee! i’m so kidding, but who could resist making some sort of comment?!?! in truer world=”warm & fuzzy” news, i’m working on the peekaboo mittens from magknits [...]

weird and wacky world

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ok, so karen and liz and emmms all tagged me for the seven weird things about me meme. i’m gonna throw an extra wrench in there and tell you only one or two at a time… here’s the first: i almost always clean my plate. and i don’t mean ‘clean my plate’ like most people [...]