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free pattern: candy corn hat

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it’s up! click here for the pdf. it’s not fancy and it’s all on one page (i love that in a pattern!!). if you notice any typos or have any trouble with it, please feel free to email me: noppstar [at] gmail [dot] com. i’ve had luck with caron simply soft for a novelty item, [...] – Sale

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E-mail Security Information.   Dear : You are receiving this message because you may have previously accepted our Online Services Agreement and Paperless Statements e-Sign Disclosure. As a result of recent updates to our paperless enrollment process and the upcoming addition of our new Chase Mobile service, we have updated the terms and conditions for [...]

a few notes, while i have a minute

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First and Foremost: Season One of Friday Night Lights (the tv show) comes out on DVD, today. Most places have it on sale for around $20, or might even have it in two packages, at around $11 each (B&N, Best Buy, etc.).  Seriously, check it out.  Here’s a review of the boxed set…  And NBC [...]