free pattern: candy corn hat

it’s up! click here for the pdf. it’s not fancy and it’s all on one page (i love that in a pattern!!).

if you notice any typos or have any trouble with it, please feel free to email me: noppstar [at] gmail [dot] com.

i’ve had luck with caron simply soft for a novelty item, but i did a bunch in plymouth encore this year and they’re fully functional, a tighter knit and a nicer material, warm and cozy. any worsted weight will do, and you don’t need more than 50 yards of any of the colors. please do let me know if you work it and like it. and i’d love to see photos of your loved ones wearing them! i have an album at flickr with some of mine! it’s already posted to ravelry as a pattern, if you’re there and want to document the project. :)

if you’re in my area, i’ll be teaching this hat as a workshop on saturday, october 6th at yarn haven in perrysburg. if you’re new to knitting in the round, this is a super easy project. you’ll learn knitting in the round, on double points or circulars, changing the color of the yarn you’re working with, and decreasing. :)

please don’t sell the hats you make from this pattern, unless you run it by me. also, please direct folks here rather than reposting the pattern somewhere else. :) enjoy!

August 31st, 2007 at 7:08 am

22 Responses to “free pattern: candy corn hat”

  1. Amy Says:

    Yay! Sarah Lou is a knitwear designer now too! Those hats look like so much fun.

  2. Dale Ann Says:

    Yeah Sarah, they are sooooo cute! And we already have people signed up for the workshop. How much fun is that going to be.

  3. The OTHER Karen Says:

    I had your blog open, and my daughter walked by and fell in love with your hats…guess you can add three skeins to my tab, Dale Ann! It’s so beautiful out today…PLEASE tell me you aren’t indoors watching FNL on this perfect day!

  4. Jacki Says:

    Even though candy corn freaks me out, I love the candy corn hat pictures! Good luck with the class, too! And hey, if someone knits up a candy corn hat and has a bunch of extra yellow and orange yarn leftover, they can always add some red and whip out some Jayne Cobb hats. :)

  5. Valerie Says:

    Too cute!!

  6. Johari Says:

    Eating candy corn? Not so much. Wearing candy corn? Yes, please!

  7. Vicki Says:

    Oh, what a cute hat! Cute, cute, cute! I can’t wait to make them for my nephews.

  8. skeins and beans » look travis! Says:

    [...] i also have cranked out the candy corn hats galore. including this one, a tiny cousin of the baby size… elaine is due in less than two weeks and when i made the baby one for her i knew it would be way too big on a month old baby’s head… so i worked it with the same amount of stitches around, but only did 8 rows of ribbing, with three straight rows of yellow after, then switched to orange, did one straight row and then started the decreases. after the first decreases start, it’s the same as the baby size instructions. [...]

  9. Twitchy Knitter Says:

    FYI: I have gotten roughly 1 bazillion hits to my blog from people searching for “candy corn hat pattern”! Your hat is hot!

  10. Barbara Says:

    Love the hat but can’t get the pattern to come up, let me know when it is available again.

  11. Courtney Says:

    I need 11-15 of these hats for a dance show. How can we order these? Please respond ASAP the show is Nov 9

  12. Zoey Says:

    SO CUTE!!!! =)

  13. Emily Says:

    These are FABulous!

  14. Anne Says:

    oo, I might have to drop everything to do this! Too cute. Thanks!!

  15. becca Says:

    Those are so cool! I would love to make one, but I’m getting an error and can’t get to the pattern – could you email it to me?

  16. sperling Says:

    Hi there, great hat! Would you sell one? Better yet, could I trade you a documentary film I made for the hat? I LOVE corn! Candy corn, too! I’ve written a corn-y poem, as well…Actually, it’s more of a stilted essay…Anyway, let me know. Great work, sperling

  17. Secret of the Bikini? | DK the Nautical Knitter Says:

    [...] Also, check out this free hat pattern for the holidays. I am going to make two for my grandson. One as the pattern is written and one that is a silver or grey with a white, flat “tail” at the top of the hat so it will look like a Hershey Kiss. [...]

  18. A Candy Corn Hat for William | DK the Nautical Knitter Says:

    [...] This is just one of the cutest hats I have seen in a long time. It was so easy to knit up and the directions were pretty clear. I used a size 7 needle and worsted, acrylic yarn (for ease of washing). The pattern has directions for small (baby), medium (child), and adult (Large). Since William just turned two I went with the medium size. I wish I had gone with the large instead. Regardless, it is a one or two night knit and very fun to watch the candy corn grow to the white tip. [...]

  19. Tony Easley Says:

    I am NOT a knitter so do you sell the cany corn hats?

    Or know of someone who does?



  20. Tony Easley Says:

    OOPS. Did not do spell check on #19 comment.That would be CANDY , not CANY. I can’t knit OR spell !!

  21. sperling Says:

    hey there…my head is cold…wish i had those hats you promised me :)

  22. virginia martinez Says: